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Tibco Business Events

TIBCO is the undisputed leader in complex event processing (CEP) software with over 40 percent market share, according to a recent IDC Study. Companies have more data about their operations, customers, and competitors than ever before. They need to slice and dice it in order to manage operational performance and address exceptional situations as conditions change. TIBCO provides a unique business user interface for CEP thus enabling business users to write rules in their domain of expertise effortlessly.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® helps companies identify and quantify the impact of events and notify people and systems about meaningful events so processes can be adapted on-the-fly and people can take action to capitalize on opportunities and remediate threats. BusinessEvents uses a unique model-driven approach to collect, filter, and correlate events and deliver real-time operational insight.

Training Details

Class Room, Online
45 Days
Other Details
Live Project, Digital Course Material, Placement Days


Course Contents

Introducing CEP and TIBCO Business Events

  • What is CEP
  • Business Event s Components
  • BE Implementation Model
  • BE workbench and resources

Events and Channels

  • BE Events
  • Event Definition and payload
  • Types of Events
  • Channel
  • Channel Configuration
  • Channel Destinations

Rules and Rule functions

  • Rule terms and aliases
  • Conditionsc
  • Actions
  • Execution
  • Rule language
  • Actions
  • Deployment BE Archive

Lab – Define and Test BE rule

Concepts and Scorecards

  • Concepts
  • Data types
  • Properties
  • Attributes
  • Relationships
  • Concept Instantiation
  • Types of Concepts
  • BE Scorecard
  • Compare BE Events and Concepts

Lab – Model Concepts and Relationship

Rule inferencing and agenda

  • Rules trigerring rules
  • Explicit trigger
  • Implicit trigger
  • Inference engine
  • BE Optimized Rete
  • Rule Priority
  • Forward Chanining

Lab – Implement Rule Inferencing

Rule Functions

  • Understanding Run to Completion (RTC) Cycle & Conflict Resolution
  • Startup & Shutdown Rule Functions
  • Event Preprocessor Rule functions
  • Virtual Rule Functions

BE Deployment

  • Configure BE archive
  • Introduction to Object Management and Fault Tolerance
  • In Memory Object Management
  • Persistence Object Management

Lab - Deployment using Inmemory Object Management model

Lab - Deployment using Persistence Object Management model

Lab – Deployment using Cache Object Management

Inprocess and Out of Process Integration With TIBCO BW


  • Introduction to SM
  • Types of SM

LAB - Implementing StateMachine

REALTIME Project Examples