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Android Application and Software Development

Android is a complete operating environment based upon the Linux® V2.6 kernel. Android is one in every of the rapidly growing mobile operating system platforms. Given this, Android development has become one in every of the foremost aggressive territories of business. Android is an open source mobile operating system that combines and builds upon components of totally different open supply.

What will this mean to you as a developer?
This implies you have the access to the supply code of the platform that's running on the phone. This will assist you higher perceive how interface controls and therefore the numerous alternative items work. Android's full range of computing services and rich functional support has the potential to extend beyond the mobile-phone market. In this training, get an introduction to the Android platform and learn how to code a basic Android application and how Android can be useful for other platforms and applications.

Training Details

Class Room, Online
45 Days
Other Details
Live Project, Digital Course Material, Placement Days


Course Contents

Android Basics

  • An initial orientation to Android — what it is, what it offers, and how your application fits in.

Framework Topics

  • Discussions of particular parts of the Android framework and API. For an introduction to the framework, begin with Application Fundamentals. Then explore other topics — from designing a user interface and setting up resources to storing data and using permissions — as needed.

Android Market Topics

  • Documentation for topics that concern publishing and monetizing applications on Android Market, such as how to enforce licensing policies and implement in-app billing.


  • Directions for using Android's development and debugging tools, and for testing the results.


  • Instructions on how to prepare your application for deployment and how to publish it when it's ready.

Best Practices

  • Recommendations on preferred techniques for writing applications that perform efficiently and work well for the user.

Web Applications

  • Documentation about how to create web applications that work seamlessly on Android-powered devices and create Android applications that embed web-based content.


  • Reference information and specifications, as well as FAQs.