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The art of teaching is the
art of assisting discovery


Why K-Infotech

Highly Feasible Tutorship

K-Infotech is your software and technology training capital for all advanced software modules. K-Infotech is conceptualized and initiated by several multi-disciplinary and ingenious software technocrats having a combined experience of more than 10 yrs in the industry.

Practical stimulation

Gain access to practical stimulation of latest updated versions of all software systems. We believe in training our professionals in a well conducive environment through simulative tutorials for assimilation of vast practical knowledge.

Certified, Well Qualified Professional Tutors

K-Infotech has Certified and qualified professional in the role of tutors. K-Infotech ensures the superior quality of tutorials by making you train under the best professionals who have a wide insight of the latest software system modules and their functionalities.

Sustainable Course That Scales Your Growth

K-Infotech provides highly sustainable courses with interactive platform to scale your growth. Our courses not just complement your professional profile but refine and supplement your working knowledge in your current organization to synergize your work output and scale your growth.


Get to work as apprentice on our developmental projects, selected on merit. We undertake several client-based developmental projects; we aim to appoint apprentices and core members based on merit alone.

Upgraded Software Itinerary

In depth training of all suffices of latest software systems and modules as mentioned in our training itinerary. K-Infotech conducts courses that enable you to not gain knowledge but reach the best of your potential with the latest software systems and modules provided at your disposable to mold your knowledge and increase your reach.

Technical guidance is challenge, not for all. We at Appmajix have what it takes to impart focused, and yet adaptable educational services because

  • We have the Vision to challenge your aspirations
  • We have the Technical ability so you will not have to compromise
  • We have the Experience to nurture your talent
  • We have the Synergy to help you strive to reach your goal
  • Join us to beat the best or just live with the rest….!!