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iPhone Application and Software Development

iPhone Application development and programming always require innovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge. User Interface design and Prototype development are very much important for delivering scalable iPhone applications. We deliver the latest training stimulated for various application services by using our knowledge of expertise of all versions of iPhone SDK. Our talented team follows every updates and details of iPhone SDK and even the latest one to enrich you with the best learning skills as an iPhone application developer. An innovative iPhone application elevates a company to bigger, faster, and farther reaching levels and the potential for tapping into new consumers, thus this is an incredible knowledge that can propagate your business in a significant manner.

Training Details

Class Room, Online
45 Days
Other Details
Live Project, Digital Course Material, Placement Days


Course Contents

Simple iPhone Application

  • Creating an Xcode Project
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Model-View-Controller
  • Declarations
    1. a. Declaring instance variables
    2. b. Declaring methods
  • Making Connections
    1. a. Setting connections to UIViews
    2. b. Setting targets and actions
  • Deploying an Application
  • Application lifecycle
  • Summary

Objective C

  • Data Types
  • Objects
  • Instances
    1. a. Creating an instance
    2. b. Sending messages
    3. c. Destroying an instance
  • Collection
    1. a. NSArray, NSMutableArray
    2. b. NSDictionary, NSMutableDictionary
  • Subclassing an Objective-C Class
    1. a. Instance Variables
    2. b. Accessors and properties
    3. c. Instance methods
    4. d. Initializers
    5. e. self
    6. f. super
    7. g. Class methods

Memory Management

  • Reference Counting
    1. a. Object ownership
    2. b. Autorelease pools
    3. c. Retain count management

Target & Action Design pattern

  • UIButton/UISegmentControl/UISwitch
  • Setting targets and actions
  • Implementing methods
  • Summary

Delegate Design pattern

  • UITextFiled
  • What are protocols
  • Implementing delegate methods
  • Summary

Core Location Framework

  • CLLocation & CLLocationManager
  • Where am I application
  • Summary


  • Model-View_Controller Design pattern
  • Basics of ViewController
  • LifeCycle of ViewControllers
  • Types of ViewController
  • Creation of ViewController
    1. a. Using Interface Builder
    2. b. Programmatically
  • Summary


  • Basics of UINavigationController
  • UINavigationbar/UINavigationItem
  • Creation of UINavigationController
    1. a. Using Interface Builder
    2. b. Programmatically
  • Summary


  • Basics of UITabbarController
  • UITabar
  • Creation of UITabbarController
    1. a. Using Interface Builder
    2. b. Programmatically
  • Summary

UITableView and UITableViewController

  • Basics of UITabbarController
  • UITabar
  • Creation of UITabbarController
    1. a. Using Interface Builder
    2. b. Programmatically
  • Summary

Advanced UITableViewCell Programming

  • Basics of UITableViewCell
  • Custom UITableView
  • Summary

Advanced UITableView Programming

  • Editing a UITableView
  • Deleting/Moving/Inserting rows
  • Summary


  • UIImageView
  • Getting Image from
    1. a. Camera
    2. b. Phone Library
  • Summary

Gesture Programming

  • Basics of Touch Events
  • Responding to Touch Events
  • Moving an Image View based on gestures
  • Summary

Animation Programming

  • UIView Animation
  • Basics of Layer
  • Layer Animation
  • Summary

Playing Audio and Video

  • Playing Audio Files
  • Playing Video files
  • Audio/Video recording
  • Summary

Notification and Rotation

  • NotificationCenter
  • UIDevice Notifications
  • Custom Notifications
  • Summary


  • Different types of Storages
  • NSUserDefaults
  • Sqlite
  • Files
  • CoreData


  • Storing data in NSUserDefaults
  • Access data from UserDefaults
  • Summary

Files and App SandBox

  • Basics of App SandBox
  • Writing data to files
  • Reading Data from files
  • Summary

Sqlite Programming

  • Basics of DML
  • Integration of Sqlite into Apps
  • Summary

XML Programming

  • Basics of XML Structure
  • XML Parsing
  • Summary


  • Basics of Thread Programming
  • Create Custom thread to fetch data from url
  • Summary


  • Basics of Webservices
  • Simple RSS Reader App
    1. a. Fetching data from URL
    2. b. XML Parsing
    3. c. Integrate with UI
  • Summary

Core Data

  • Basics of Core Data
  • Store/Retrieve data using core data framework
  • Build Sample app using core data
  • Summary

App Store Basics

  • Overview of Developer/Provisional certificates
  • Prepare App store build
  • Summary

iPad Basics

  • Overview of iPad Application
  • UIPopover Controller
  • UISplitView Controller
  • Summary

Memory Management tools

MapKit Framework

  • Overview of map kit programming
  • Where am I App
  • Summary

AddressBook Framework

  • Overview of AddressBook API
  • Summary